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900,000 cigarettes seized in Dublin hours after budget

Retailers Against Smuggling (RAS) Spokesperson Benny Gilsenan expressed his frustration and disappointment following the publication of the Tax Strategy Group report (TSG) today which suggested it may be prudent to raise the Minimum Excise Duty in Budget 2017: “despite the TSG highlighting that 12% of cigarettes in Ireland are illicit and that we have a…

Cross Border

Retailers Against Smuggling (RAS) today welcomed the first report from the Joint Agency Task Force, which was set up under the Fresh Start, The Stormont Agreement and Implementation Plan by the British and Irish governments and the Northern Ireland Executive as part of “a concerted and enhanced effort to tackle organised and cross jurisdictional crime”.…

fuel smuggling

In a letter sent today to all parties, Retailers against Smuggling (RAS) set down an Action Plan which it believes will go a considerable way in stamping out the unacceptable levels of competition legitimate retailers’ face from criminal gangs who sell illegal tobacco and fuel.